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Thursday Aug 10 at 7:00PM
Elmcrest Country Club
Cedar Rapids

Update on Cedar Rapids Casino

The City Council of CR approved the Option (July 11, 2023) offer of Corporate investors, for the possible future Casino at the proposed site (currently called Cooper’s Mill). The area is located between 1st Ave and F St, and 1st Ave and 5th St NW, for any future Casino.

The Cost of the two year option is $165,000.00. The option runs until June 2025, with a third year option costing an additional $44,000.00. The final sale price for the investors to purchase the property would be determined prior to construction.

The city paid about $5.2 million for this large parcel in 2016,
The State Gaming commission placed an unprecedented 2 year Moratorium on the building of any more Casinos in the state. We have just under 1 year left on this moratorium.

The City with the endorsement of Mayor Tiffany O’Donnell is pursuing this proposal. The City appears to be “all in ” to proceed as the Moratorium time ends. They are eager to have the tax monies at the expense of the citizens that may be adversely affected.

I could not find any more information on or about any future hearings before the City Council about this matter, but we will monitor this situation for more details.

I will see that the Legislative committee is following upcoming legislation pertaining to this development.

I believe we should encourage the members to contact their Senators, Representatives and the Governor (in apposition), and ask to extend the Moratorium.

Concerned citizens might also like to let their Pastors know about the City’s plans to have a casino here in town. despite the detriment to the public ( increase in suicide, domestic abuse, battery charges, divorce rate increase and emotional and mental toll on those families who have an addict destroying the financial viability of their household).

In addition there would be a subsequent loss of existing businesses due to the siphoning off of food concessions and other forms of entertainment in close proximity to the proposed site.

The Gaming commission should also be contacted since an additional casino would be jeopardizing existing gaming sites revenue stream by encroaching on their market share.

Randy Walker, Legislative Committee Chairman