1. Advisory: Assists in planning activities, to aid in establishing principles and policies, and to cooperate in all elections in support of the Republican Party. Chair – Kevin Thumma
  1. Auditor: Audits the Treasurer’s records and the financial activities of the Central Committee and filings made with the State of Iowa. Chair- Paul Talley
  1. Caucus: Responsible for organizing and executing the biennial (2024) precinct caucuses in accordance with Iowa law and rules of the Republican Party of Iowa. Identify and secure caucus sites, site personnel, provide required materials and equipment, process, and report results. Chair – Bernie Hayes
  1. Communications: Responsible for all communications with the Central Committee: email, website, social media, postal mail lists. Chair – Brett Mason
  1. Convention: Responsible for organizing and executing the biennial County Convention and any special nominating conventions required in accordance with Iowa and the rules of the Republican Party of Iowa. Chair – Mike Dupree
  1. Data-Election Integrity: Responsible for protecting the security and accuracy of elections by analyzing voter data, reviewing sample ballots and vetting/training election officers and poll watchers. Chair – Anne Fairchild
  1. Faith Engagement: Responsible for promoting the involvement of faith-based organizations in the political arena to be informed on issues, support voter registration, host caucus sites, and host candidate forums. Chair – Barrett Hubbard
  1. Fundraising: Responsible for developing the funds necessary to support the activities of the Central Committee such as: regular meetings, biennial caucuses and conventions, candidate recruitment and support, and vision initiatives. Chair – Kathleen Banowetz
  1. Membership: Responsible for maintaining all membership records, handling check-in, verifying quorum at regular meetings, and verifying voter registrations. Chair – Heidi Barnhart
  1. Office: Responsible for maintaining the (rented) office space of the Central Committee, storage of records and reports, equipment, and supplies. Chair – Matthew O’Neal
  1. Public Relations: Responsible for promoting the activities and reputation of the Central Committee within the community by arranging participation in parades, fairs, cultural festivals, and other community events. Chair – Emma Nemecek
  1. Legislative: Raises awareness and communicates local and state legislative issues to LCRCC members. Chair – Randy Walker