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  1. Please find attached the concerns I brought Up at a recent Linn County Supervisors Meeting, concerning the implementation of a Utility sized Wind Farm(s) in Linn County:
    The Dark Side Wind Energy+
    • Since 2015 there have been 650 Wind farm projects rejected for one reason or another here in the US.
    • Solar Farms have contributed to water and Land contamination with fines on one large project being over twenty-three million dollars, for contaminated water runoff.
    • In extreme temperatures, Wind Turbines fail to function or function at reduced levels. They will see a reduced output in sleet and freezing rain and can be damaged.
    • At peak areas of sustained winds, turbines operate at about 25% efficiency. Due to physics, turbines will never reach more than 53% efficiency.
    • On the flip side, coal and natural gas operate at about 90% efficiency.
    • Speaking of Coal generators, in the US the average emissions are about five times lower than those operating in Asia and third world countries.
    • For a so-called net zero wind farm costs about ten times more per KWH to produce than a Coal fired Generator. (taxpayers pay for much of the incentives offered)
    • A wind farm requires about ten times as much space as a coal or natural gas plant due to the 5 to 1 efficiency ratio for optimal wind usage.
    • Rapor and eagle population (Iowa Has one of the Highest Levels of these birds of any state in the Union in winter months) can be substantial with over 1500 annually killed in Wyoming last year. Fines amounted to over ten million in that state.
    • The climate in the Utility sized wind farms causes the earth to be warmed.
    • Iowa alone there are over forty acres of damaged or worn-out wind turbine blades and towners stored.
    • The efficiency of wind turbines diminishes by over 50% within the first 10 to 12 years of service.
    • Recently (May 2024) we saw how well these turbines stand up to 100 + MPH winds with several towers crashing and falling with accompanying fires from the 200 plus gallons of lubrication oils in each turbine.
    • Turbines do not always work at peak demand and may not be able to meet this during the mornings and evenings and require huge batteries to store power.
    • Such batteries require rare earth metals which come from mostly communist countries minded by slave labor. Countries where coal and nuclear power constitute 70% of their generating capacity.
    Solar wind and hydro-electric power produce unreliable power, demand many natural resources, and can never be 100% relied upon due to unpredictable weather

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